We have reverted back to the four 4 house system for extra murals at Greytown High this first term. Grey and Botha will be maintained with Nel and Melville returning form the old record books. The idea is to create a competitive environment for learners ensuring mass participation in keeping with the schools objective to produce all round scholars.

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BOTHA (Blue)

Botha is named after General Louis Botha who was born in Greytown in 1862.  General Botha was the General in the Boer War from 1899 – 1902, and the first prime minister of South Africa from 1910 – 1919.


GREY (Yellow)

Grey is named after Lord Grey the British Govender of the Cape Colony of 1854. Famous schools like Grey PE and Grey Bloem are named after him and well known towns such as Greyton (Cape), Greyville and our very own Greytown are named after him. Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg is also named after Lord Grey and in 1883 Greytown High School was named after him.

NEL (Red)

Nel is named after Phillip Nel  who lived in Greytown and was the first Springbok rugby captain. He captained the Springboks that defeated the All Blacks in New Zealand in a series in 1937.  This has never been achieved to date.


Melville is named after Alan Melville who lived in Greytown and was the South African cricketer from 1938 until 1949.  He is still regarded as the most elegant batsman of all times.


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We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

Our Code of Conduct Ensures That:

– The school is properly administered so that the highest possible standard of education is maintained.

–  Education Goals are realized

–  A satisfactory standard of discipline is maintained so that the norms and standards of society is retained

–  An atmosphere prevails in which independent thought, creative reasoning and self-motivation can flourish

– A love of justice and integrity is engendered

– A respect for gender, race and relegious belief is inculcated

 It is an honour and a privilege to be a learner at this school .  The learners appearance  and behaviour on or off the school premises will be of such a nature that they are a credit to the school, their parents and the community.

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