Please be advised that our school is currently at capacity in all grades. If you wish to have your child’s name added to the waiting list, you may click on the link below to complete our online application. 


Once you have completed and submitted the online form: APPLICATION FORM
a) Print it out
b) Both parents are required to sign each page
c) Submit the signed hard-copy document and all the required supporting documents to the school for verification. (Please refer to the Admissions Criteria and Process , for information regarding the required supporting documents) Please note that dates are subject to change due to the current COVID-19 pandemic!

Admission Policy                      
This admission policy must be read in conjunction with:

  • The SA Schools Act of 1996
  • The Provincial Gazette Extraordinary #5136 of 16 May 1997
  • The Provincial Gazette Extraordinary #5212 of 9 December 1997
  • The Government Gazette #18480
Learners from any school, all races and any religious denomination may apply for admission to Greytown High School – a school which has a Christian ethos. Learners may be enrolled at 12 years turning 13 by 30 June of the new year. Preference will be given to learners from the feeder school as determined by the Governing Body of the school, but is not the right to the entrance of the school. The learners age at entrance should not exceed his Grade plus 6 for admission. Special permission will be granted to pupils exceeding these limits and could be enrolled on special conditions as determined by the Governing Body.
The class size should not exceed 35 learners. The learner should have completed an academic year from a recognized educational institution.  The Principal must sign the application form. The age of the learner should not exceed two years above or below the chronological average age of the Grade. The learner preferably should be a resident in Greytown or the direct surroundings of Greytown. Parents from outside of these premises will not be liable for any concession or exemption of school fees.
Learners with siblings currently at Greytown High School should enjoy preference. Greytown High School reserves the right to interview prospective learners. An enrolment fee as determined by the Governing Body will be charged to guarantee enrolment. The fee will not be refundable.
Every applicant will go through a screening process during the third quarter of the year preceding admission. In this process the learner will be evaluated for his/her competency in English and their attitude to the learning process be determined.

The evaluation will determine if a learner has the necessary ability to be able to cope with the high standard of Greytown High School. The screening process will ensure that instruction can progress at a constant pace, and that all learners will be able to handle the tuition from Grade 8 -12 without hampering the progress of either himself/herself or other learners. Parents will be informed if their child has been accepted to Greytown High School early in the fourth term.

Expectations of former and current Learners of this school:
Learners are expected to exhibit a positive attitude and to take an active role in all spheres of school life. Learners are forbidden to take part in any activity which will be detrimental to his/her health either during or after school hours.
Academically, a learner will make every effort to reach his/her full potential by giving of his/her best at all times. This can only be achieved by paying attention in class, by executing homework and assignments, and by making meticulous daily preparation for tests and examinations. Extra-mural activities form an integral part of the training of a child. A healthy body is essential to the development of a healthy mind. A well-balanced life enables a learner to achieve better academic results. Sporting achievements also project the good image of the school, and therefore every learner is expected to take part in at least one sport or extra-mural activity during each term. The support of team mates during these activities, assists in building the spirit of the school, and is vitally important to the success of the school.
Honorable behavior, courtesy respect and friendliness towards others, are characteristics which are expected from every learner at all times, either on or off the school premises. For example: Learners are expected to rise and to initiate greetings when coming into contact with seniors or visitors. All learners must respect the property of the school and that of fellow-learners at all times. Top priority and close attention are given to the development and preservation of high moral standards.
Expectations of former and current Parents of this school:
Parents must agree to pay the school fees as per the resolution adopted by a majority of parents attending the Annual General meetings in accordance with the Greytown High School Constitution. Both parents must indicate their agreement by signing the enrolment form. In the case of divorced/separated parents, it is the responsibility of the parent applying at the school to obtain a signed copy of the enrolment form from their divorced/separated partner. The school budgets for Welfare Grants from the income. This Grant is made available by a Welfare Committee after perusing detailed documents completed by the parents. The State does not fund Welfare cases.
Parents, in conjunction with learners, are expected to make a careful study of the school rules, prior to making a final decision on admission to this school. All school rules and punishment measure will be strictly adhered to.
If a learner who has passed the admission evaluation is able to identify with, and to subscribe to the above standards and rules and Code of Conduct of this School , he/she will qualify to become a proud member of the Greytown High School.