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Observation is the first and most powerful step towards changing teaching practices. Daily observation reveals a wealth of information about students, their competencies and skills, and the work of the teacher.

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The school on the hill has come a long way and has produced outstanding results in it hundred-year history.  It can truthfully claim that scarcely a year goes by without there being provincial or national recognition of the particular skills of various pupils.  Undoubtedly success stories of this nature help to boost the morale of the school family; of greater importance, however, is the progress and development of individual pupils.  It is noting each milestone, however small, of every pupil, that Greytown High really savors the sweet taste of success.

School buildings are kept in a meticulous state of repair – a feature which is promptly noted by all visitors.  


4 Rugby fields
Main field – flood lights
2 Hockey fields
2 Cricket fields
6 Cricket nets
4 Soccer fields
4 Cement netball courts
2 Grass netball courts
400m Athletics track (with all field event facilities)
25m Swimming pool
50m2 Gym

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We Are Providing an Environment for Our Learners to Grow & Excel







Social awareness is a crucial element of a child’s education. It enables a student to consider the perspective of other people and understand their needs.
Social awareness helps learner’s improve their social skills by interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.

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Our School History

Education in Greytown was started in 1850 and this has been a major concern from that point onwards. The foundation stone of the Umvoti Scholastic Institute was laid in 1855. This school was situated in Cathcart Street and in 1877 it was taken over by the Natal Government. The Natal Year Book of 1864 shows that there were several farm schools in the area. Many families also employed Tutors or Governesses for their children.

St Anne’s school, a branch of the present private school at Hilton, was opened in 1892 and was very successful. A request for a grant for this school was turned down as the government believed the existing schools were adequate. This school was situated in Scott Street. The Huguenot Seminary for Girls was a private school controlled by the Dutch Reformed Church and this school stood where the present junior School Hostel stands. In 1900 Colonel George Leuchars, Mr Walter Slatter and Archdeacon Pennington opened a Preparatory School for Boys, called St David’s. In 1924 Lady Leuchars followed her husband’s example and opened the St Agnes’ school for girls. This school closed in 1926 and the girls were admitted to St David’s. The Dominican Convent opened in 1916 and offered a wide variety of subjects. From 1940 onwards it offered tuition in Commercial Subjects. It finally closed in 1967 and was sold and converted into flats, the present Oak Lodge.

Government Education began in 1883 when the first co-educational government school was established as the Government Primary School. The log-book of 1890 indicated Std 6 and 7 pupils. In 1910 a new school for boys was founded and the original Huguenot School became the Government School for Girls. The first pupils who wrote the Junior Certificate Examination did so in 1911. In 1923 the junior and Senior schools were separated. They were a block apart in Durban Street. In 1959 it was reported in The Natal Witness that a new High School would be built on land to the left of Muden Road near the outskirts of the town. The school was completed and the learners moved on 27 September 1962.

The school was officially opened on 1 June 1963.

o strive towards a high academic standard to develop a sense of religion and respect for other beliefs to develop to full potential each pupil’s social, moral, physical and academic abilities to provide the best possible curriculum and extra-curricular facilities to provide each school leaver with the life skills needed to enter the adult world as a self-confident and well balanced person.

Our School Hymn

We build our school on Thee O Lord

To Thee we bring our common need;

The loving heart, the helpful word,

The tender thought, the kindly deed;

With these we pray

Thy spirit may,

Enrich and bless our school alway

Meet Our Teachers

Mrs L. Plenderleith


NPDE and ACE from Potchefstroom University 2011 – 2013 with 16 years of teaching experience.



Mr M Ntsele

Business Studies and English

Bachelor of Education from UNISA in 2020 with 13 years of teaching experience.

Mr B Mchunu


Bachelor of Education from UKZN in 2004 with 16 years of teaching experience.

Mrs B Xulu

isiZulu and Life Orientation

Bachelor of Education from DUT in 2011 with 9 years of teaching experience. 

Ms Z Mkhize


Bachelor of Education from UKZN in 2014 with six years of teaching experience

Mr A.Maganbeharie

Life Sciences & Maths Literacy

BSc from UNISA 2009

PGCE from UNISA in 2010 with 11 years of teaching Experience


Ms TP Sithole (Snr)


Bachelor of Education from UNISA in 2014 with 6 years teaching experience


Ms T Mzila

Life Orientation & Hospitality Studies

PGCE degree from UNISA in 2018 with 2 years teaching experience


Mr Zondi (J. J)


Bachelor of Social Sciences – UKZN

Post Gradutate Certificate in Education – UKZN


Mr M Mkwanazi


Bachelor of Education from DUT in 2019 with 1 year of teaching experience


Mr S Bondesio


BEd (Psic) Bop (Honours) 1994 from the University of Pretoria with 26 Years of Teaching ExperienceMathematics

Bachelor of Education from DUT in 2017 with 2 years of teaching experience


Mr M Zondi (Snr)

History & IsiZulu

IT degree from CTI in 2009 with 8 years of teaching experience


Miss N Shezi


Bachelor of Education from DUT in 2018 with 3 years of teaching experience


Mr R Aphane

Physical Science

BSc Honours form University of Limpopo in 2016

PGCE from UNISA in 2018 with 3 Years of Teaching Experience


Mrs R Gevers

Life Science & Afrikaans

Bachelor of Education from UKZN in 2011 with 15 years of teaching experience


Mrs T Hlengwa

Physical Science & IziZulu

BA / HDE Honours form UKZN in 1993 

ACE from UKZN in 2008 with 27 years of teaching experience


Mr M Zondi (Jnr)

English & Business Studies

BSc form UKZN in 2020 with 5 years of teaching experience


Ms SL Wheeler (Snr)

English, Business Studies & Maths Literacy

Bachelor of Education from UNISA with 11 years of teaching experience


Miss S Wheeler (Jnr)


Bachelor of Education from UNISA in 2018 with 2 years of teaching experience


Ms R. Jagesar

Deputy Principal

NPDE form UKZN in 2009 with 25 years of teaching experience


Mrs M. Mkhize

Mathematics, Grade 8 Mentor

SPTD / HDE from Natal College in 1998

Bachelor of Education Honours in 2004 from University of Natal with 23 years of teaching experience



Mr M Cyrus

English, Life Orientation

TEFL Certificate in 2018

Bachelor of Education (FET) Degree from University of Pretoria in 2017 with 3 years of teaching experience


Mrs M. Cyrus

Life Sciences

TEFL Certificate in 2017

M.Sc. Environmental Science cum Laude in 2015 from North West University

Hons. B.Sc Biodiversity & Conservation Ecology 2013 from North West University

B.Sc Botany & Zoology in 2012 from North West University with 5 years of teaching experience


Mrs M. Gokul

English Home Language

Bachelor of Education Springfield College of Education 1997

26 Years of Teaching Experience



Ms D.C Ntshingila


Bachelor of Education

16 Years of Teaching Experience



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