Our School Mission

To strive towards a high academic standard to develop a sense of religion and respect for other beliefs to develop to full potential each pupil’s social, moral, physical and academic abilities to provide the best possible curriculum and extra-curricular facilities to provide each school leaver with the life skills needed to enter the adult world as a self-confident and well balanced person

Greytown High School Mission Statement

A confident, creative team-player, who is goal orientated and radiates the Greytown High School core values within any culturally diverse learning community. Forward with excellence as we build a better tomorrow, today!

Greytown High School provides an integrated and co-operative learning environment within the framework of a Christian value system. At our school, the child is nurtured and encouraged to develop and master relevant skills, concepts, and attitudes. This will lead to a responsible, caring and self-motivated person capable of contributing to and upholding a society in which all are considered equal.

This will be achieved by: Developing a positive self-value in each child. Encouraging and recognizing each child’s special gifts and attributes. Developing self-discipline, independence and responsibility. Inculcating caring attitudes and actions towards others. Respecting the individuality and diversity of all. Cultivating family involvement in school activities. Attracting, developing and retaining staff of the highest quality. Notwithstanding the Christian ethos of our school, provision will be made for each child to develop freely his/her own spiritual values.