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  Request your application by emailing office@greytownhigh.co.za or collect from the school office between 07H00 – 14H00 Monday to Friday
• Closing date for applications is 01st June 2023.
• As applications are dealt with on a first come first serve basis we respectfully request that should you wish to apply to enter Greytown High in 2024 that your application reach us by no later than the 01st June 2023

More details on application process

 Completed applications can be emailed to office@greytownhigh.co.za or handed in at the school.
• Each applicant must ensure that they receive a reference number as proof that they have applied.
• Successful applicants will be notified on the 8th and 9th of July 2022.
• Only successful candidates will be invited to attend the Open Day on the 30th & 31st July 2022.
• It is compulsory for both successful parents and scholars to attend the open day as vital information and documentation will be handed out on the day.
• Completed registration forms must be submitted to the school with proof of payment of the admin fee by the 27th August 2022

• A placement exam will be written by all the Grade 8 scholars in the first week of school

Please note that there are four important points regarding admission to Greytown High School.
A Scholar must possess:
1. An impeccable discipline record
2. A good academic record (above grade average of 65%) and good, encouraging comments from teachers
3. A non-blemished payment record as Greytown High is a fee-paying school
4. A positive and willing attitude towards learning and taking part in sport.

Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the following, keeping in mind that Greytown High School is a Fee Paying School
1. Only DAY Scholars living in Greytown may apply for reduction or exemption of Fees.
2. Boarders do NOT qualify for exemption or reduction of fees.
3. As per the SGB decision, NO first time learners may apply for reduction or exemption of Fees.
4. Parents who live in other towns with access to schools closer to them, who chose to send their children to live with relatives/friends in Greytown, don’t qualify for reduction of fees at Greytown High School.
5. Regardless of the above, all applications received will be considered on its own merit.
6. Your Application will be assessed in terms of the Rules and Regulations as stipulated in the South African Schools Act 86 of 1996 and in terms of the Norms and Standard of funding.
7. The applicant for this application, be as follows – if the learner’s parent/s are:
a. Married – ONE application form is required and the documents of both Mother and Father are required. The applicant is both the Mother and Father.
b. Divorced – particulars of both parents are required. Separate application forms must be completed by each parent and the required documents of that applicant must be attached to the application form.
c. Widowed – ONE application form is required with the necessary documentation.
d. Unmarried – particulars of both parents are required. Separate application forms must be completed by each parent and the required documents of that applicant must be attached to the application form.
e. More than one child – ONE application form can be completed for siblings as long as they have the same biological parents
f. Both Deceased – ONE application by the Legal Guardian
8. In terms of the above Act and Regulations, the following documents, MUST accompany this application. Documents does NOT have to be certified
a. parent’s / applicants ID documents
b. Marriage Certificate or (1st 2 pages) of Divorce Agreement and (1st 2 pages) of Maintenance Agreement if applicable
c. Birth Certificate of each child in this school, for whom you are applying for and Birth Certificates of each of your children who are in other schools
d. THREE months’ Bank Statements. Internet Bank statements are acceptable
e. SIX months’ Bank Statements in your own name (if you are a business owner); plus
f. SIX months’ Bank Statements (in the name of your business) If you own your own business, or you are self-employed. A statement of your personal Assets and Liabilities drafted and verified by a registered Accountant
g. SIX months’ Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) drafted and verified by a registered Accountant
h. last THREE salary slips
i. Should you be unemployed, a letter from the Department of Labour indicating your last date of employment and that you are presently unemployed. If you were retrenched, or put on half pay, a letter from your previous employer to that effect.
j. SA Bank letter showing all Investment accounts in your name with current balances.
k. Copy of the SASSA letter verifying your status, grant type, names of dependents and amounts you receive monthly
l. Utility bill, preferable an Electricity bill showing your physical address (not older than 3 months)
m. Death Certificate of the deceased parent (if he passed away in the last 2 years)
n. If you have a property bond, the FIRST PAGE of your latest Bond Statement identifying you and the property
o. If you are renting, a copy of the of Lease Agreement or rent statement containing the contact details of your Landlord and showing the rental amount
p. If you have entered into lease- or Hire purchase agreements for any assets like vehicles, furniture etc., the latest statement
9. Application forms which do not have the above documents can’t be considered.
10. All information on the Application form must be filled in
11. The members of the School Governing Body reserves the right to verify any document or statement made in this application and to request certified copies of any documents supplied. Members of the School Governing Body may visit the applicant at his or her residence. In the event of an applicant making a false statement on his/her application form or if he/she produces false documents or evidence, the School Governing Body may lay a charge of fraud against the applicant.
12. Should the personal conditions of the applicant change in any way following a decision of the School Governing Body, the onus is on the applicant to make the School Governing Body aware of these changes so that the application can be revisited to assess whether the decision of the School Governing Body should be altered to suit these new changes. In the event of the School Governing Body obtaining information that the circumstances of the applicant has changed and that the School Governing Body has not been informed, the School Governing Body may, at its sole discretion then review the changes and may or may not alter their decision irrespective of how long such decision has been in force.
13. Applications for exemption are for the current school year only. Each year a new application form must be filled out and handed to the school for consideration at the beginning of the school year.
14. Should an applicant be retrenched / dismissed or lose income for whatever reason during the course of the year, the onus is on the applicant to make the School Governing Body aware of these circumstances and submit an Application as soon as possible. Should his financial circumstances not improve by the beginning of the next school year, a new application form must be submitted.
15. The School Governing Body or a person so delegated by it, will investigate all information in the submission for the purpose of ensuring that all details, as stated, are true and correct before the application will be considered. Proof must be submitted with all declarations. Should any information be found to be false or of a questionable nature, the application will be rejected in full and no further negotiations will be entered into between the School Governing Body and the applicant.

Please remember to submit all supporting documents together with the Application Form

INFO: This Form should be completed by the natural parent or guardian or the person legally entitled to the custody of the learner and thus responsible for the payment of School Fees:
For the sake of this document, ‘PARENT’ may mean (GUARDIAN / GRAND PARENT / FOSTER PARENT / SIBLING / OTHER)


For any queries please call the Financial Secretary 033 413 2146
Forms can be collected in person or requested by email from gtnhs@umvoti.co.za
Applicants who need clarification or help filling in the forms are welcome to come to the office for assistance (07h00 to 14h00)
Applications may be submitted via email or Fax 086 556 0274 provided that all supporting documents are scanned and attached

Beyond the Books

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Please take note of your child’s

Stationery Requirements for Grade 8

Please remember that your child will select either Afrikaans OR Zulu First Additional Language. So only buy the stationery applicable to his choice of additional language. All other subjects are compulsory.

Stationery Requirements

Grade 8 Stationery List 2023

English Home Language (COMPULSORY) 1 Portfolio file
1 2 quire hardcover book
Afrikaans First Additional Language 3 72 Page A4 Exercise Book
1 Flip File
1 Bilingual Afrikaans/English Dictionary
1 Portfolio File
Zulu First Additional Language 1 2 Quire Exercise Book
1 Flip File
Mathematics 1 4 Quire feint and margin Hard Cover Book
1 20 Page Flip File
1 Maths set
1 100 Page Exam Pad
1 Scientific Calculator (Compulsory)
Physical Science 1 A4 72 Page Soft Cover Book
1 File
Geography 1 A4 95 Page Hardcover Exercise Book
1 72 Page Exercise Book
1 Flip File
1 Mathematics Set
Computers 1 Portfolio File
1 72 Page Exercise Book
Life Sciences 1 72 Page Exercise Book
Technology 1 2 Quire Book
1 Flip file
1 Maths set
Business Studies 2 2 Quire Book
1 Portfolio File
Accounting 1 8 Column Journal
1 Journal
1 Double Ledger
1 Calculator
History 1 1 Quire Book
1 Portfolio File
Life Orientation 1 72 Page Exercise Book
1 20 Page Flip File
Creative Arts 1 72 Page Exercise Book
1 Crayons, pencils, glue, scissors
1 10 Page Flip File
1 Drawing book

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